Biogas laboratory

Equipment: 36 bioferementors (1L capacity), 32 biofermentors (2L capacity), 4 biofermentors (5L, 2x 40L, 200L capacity), incubators with shaking, gascounters.


Bioinformatic laboratory

Equipment: Mid-tower server (2x Xeon e5-2630v3, 352GB RAM), 3 student workstations (i7-6700, 32GB RAM, SSD with Windows 7 / Ubuntu installed, storage HDD)


Bioremediation laboratory

Equipment: CHNS analyzer, lyophilizers, biological oxygen demand auto-check measurement systems, incubator, laboratory shaker, heating ovens, laboratory balances, pH meters.


General microbiology laboratory

Equipment: laboratory centrifuges, incubators, CO2 incubator, laboratory shakers, thermomixers, laminar flow cabinet,  laboratory balances, pH meters.


Mobile bioremediation laboratory

Equipment: specially adapted car trailer comprising two modules: biological module (200 L bioreactor + 60 L bioreactor/buffer tank) and adsorption module (4 x ca. 20 L columns) + additional 2-4 ca. 2 L columns, two high-efficiency precise-dispensing peristaltic pumps, two heaters, set of sensors (i.a. temperature, pH, water flow/pressure), control cabinet.


Molecular biology laboratory

Equipment: laboratory centrifuges, PCR chamber, PCR gradient thermocyclers, horizontal and vertical electrophoresis systems, Qubit 2.0 Fluorometer, thermomixers, densitometer, laboratory balances, thermostats.


Chemical laboratory

Equipment: tensiometer, multifuge centrifuge, laboratory centrifuges, laboratory shakers, laboratory balances, magnetic mixers, vortex mixers, pH meters.