PhD for Anna Ciok

Anna Ciok successfully defended her PhD thesis. Congratulations for Anna from the whole team!!!

(16 September 2019)

COMNAP and FEMS fellowships for Mikolaj Dziurzynski

Mikolaj received a Council of Managers of National Antarctic Program (COMNAP) Antarctic Fellowship 2019 and Federation of European Microbiological Societies (FEMS) Short-term Fellowship. Now, he will spend 4 months at Dr. Marco Fondi lab at University of Florence (Italy) learning in silico metabolic modeling. Congratulations !!!

(30 July 2019)

TEAM-NET grant for Drewniak & Dziewit group

Our research grant entitled “Fly ashes as the precursors of functionalized materials for applications in environmental engineering, civil engineering and agriculture” received funding from the Foundation for Polish Science (FNP) in the TEAM-NET program. We will conduct this project in a collaboration with Lublin University of Technology and AGH University of Science and Technology.

(16 April 2019)

PhD for Klaudia Debiec-Andrzejewska

Klaudia Debiec-Andrzejewska successfully defended her PhD thesis. Congratulations for Dr Debiec-Andrzejewska from the whole team!!!

(14 January 2019)

Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education fellowships for Anna Ciok and Aleksandra Kurowska

Anna and Aleksandra received Ministry of Science and Higher Education fellowships for the best PhD students and best MSc students in Poland, respectively. Congratulations!!!

(19 December 2018)

French Government fellowship (BGF) for Lucian Staicu

Lucian received fellowship from French Government (BGF) and he will spend 3 months at Prof. Laurent Charlet lab at Grenoble Alps University (France). Congratulations!!!

(30 November 2018)

PRELUDIUM grant for Przemyslaw Decewicz

Przemyslaw’s research grant entitled “Diversity, biogeography and ecological role of mobile genetic elements of psychrotolerant bacteria and archaea” received funding from the National Science Centre (Poland).

(15 November 2018)

University’s Integrated Development Programme (ZIP UW) fellowship for Przemyslaw Decewicz

Przemyslaw received fellowship from University’s Integrated Development Programme (ZIP UW) and he will spend 1 month at Dr. Bas E. Dutilh lab at Utrecht University (Netherlands). Congratulations!!!

(28 September 2018)

UOTT grants for Przemyslaw Decewicz, Mikolaj Dziurzynski and Adrian Gorecki

Przemyslaw, Mikolaj and Adrian research grants entitled “Development of rapid and reliable system for detection of antibiotic resistance genes in environmental and nosocomial samples” and “Development and commercialization of MAISEN – web application for semi-automatic annotation of prokaryotic nucleotide sequences” received funding from the Univeristy of Warsaw Technology Transfer Center (UOTT UW).

(8 June 2018)

TEAM-TECH short-term fellowship for Witold Uhrynowski

Witold received Team Tech short-term fellowship and he will spend 1 month at Prof. Marinus L. Otte lab at North Dakota State University (USA).

(16 April 2018)