GRIEG grant for Lukasz Dziewit

Our project INDEPTH received funding!!! We will analyze microbes in Arctic deep-sea habitats. We will implement research tasks in a collaboration with University of Gdansk (T. Kaczorowski), Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry Polish Academy of Sciences and (W. Rypniewski) and University of Bergen (I. Steen).

(09 October 2021)

UOTT grant for Maria Dabrowska

Maria research grant “Enrichment of acidophilic sulphur oxidizing bacteria for biological leaching of zinc and iron form slags” received funding from the University of Warsaw Technology Transfer Center (UOTT UW).

(19 July 2021)

IDUB UW grant linking linguistic, microbiological and medical studies

Our group will be a partner in a interdisciplinary project entitled: “Linguistic and cultural diversity at the service of medicine – exploring traditional ethnic minority communities as potential super donors of the gut microbiota”. Leaders: Justyna Olko from Artes Liberales UW and Jaroslaw Bilinski from Medical University of Warsaw. Partners: Lukasz Dziewit, Anna Karnkowska and Julia Pawlowska from Faculty of Biology UW. Looking forward to this collaboration!!!

(11 June 2021)

Polish Ministry of Education and Science fellowship for Mikolaj Wolacewicz

Mikolaj received Ministry of Education and Science fellowship for the best MSc students in Poland. Good job!!! Congratulations!!!

(22 February 2021)

NAWA PROM fellowship for Michal Styczynski

Michal Styczynski received NAWA PROM fellowship. He will spend 2 weeks in China, visiting company specializing in environmental protection. Congrats!!!

(29 January 2021)

PhD for Krzysztof Romaniuk

Krzysztof Romaniuk successfully defended his PhD thesis with honours. Congrats to Krzysiek!!!

(27 November 2020)

PhD for Przemyslaw Decewicz

Przemyslaw Decewicz successfully defended his PhD thesis with honours. Congrats to Przemek and welcome in a team as a postdoc!!!

(30 September 2020)

LIDER grant for Klaudia Debiec-Andrzejewska

A great success of Klaudia Debiec-Andrzejewska from our group. She was awarded with a prestigious LIDER grant (NCBR). She will develop novel biofertilizers improving biological quality of soils.

(21 September 2020)

Foundation for Polish Science (FNP) START fellowship for Klaudia Debiec-Andrzejewska

Klaudia received Foundation for Polish Science (FNP) START fellowship for her scientific achievements. As an additional award to this fellowship she will spend 1 month at Dr. Michela Schiavon lab at Department of Agronomy, Food, Natural Resources, Animals and the Environment (DAFNAE), University of Padova (Italy). Congratulations from our team!!!

(12 May 2020)

Minister award for our group

Members of our team (Lukasz Drewniak – as a leader, Martyna Ciezkowska, Lukasz Dziewit, Tomasz Krucon, Katarzyna Piatkowska, Krzysztof Poszytek and Witold Uhrynowski) won an award of the Polish Minister of Science and Higher Education for the successful implementation of scientific works into industry. We are grateful for appreciating our efforts.

(19 February 2020)