Habilitation of Lukasz Drewniak

Lukasz received Habilitation in Biological Sciences. Congratulations from the whole team!!!

(30 January 2017)

TEAM-TECH grant for Lukasz Drewniak

Lukasz’s research grant received funding from the Foundation for Polish Science (FNP) in the TEAM-TECH program. The grant will be devoted to the development of novel (bio)technology of wastes management and water recovering from the hydrometallurgical processes.

(16 December 2016)

Prof. Pienkowski Award for Lukasz Dziewit

Lukasz was awarded with Prof. Stefan Pienkowski Award for his scientific achievements.

(28 November 2016)

PRELUDIUM grant for Krzysztof Romaniuk

Krzysztof’s research grant entitled “Functional analysis of plasmids of a psychrophilic bacterium Psychrobacter sp. ANT_AH3 – a study of the influence of plasmids on cell biology and shaping of the multireplicon genome” received funding from the National Science Centre (Poland).

(17 November 2016)



Welcome at the website of Department of Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology (Drewniak & Dziewit research group) of the Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw! We are working in several fields of microbiology, including: environmental microbiology; microbial biotechnology and bioremediation; microbial genomics and metagenomics; bioinformatics.

We specialize in: molecular and physiological analyses of extremophilic bacteria (with special focus on cold-active and metallotolerant bacteria); the biology of mobile genetic elements of bacteria; environmental virology; antibiotics and heavy metals resistance, metabolism and transformation; the development of novel biotechnologies using microorganisms (e.g. in biogas production and bioremediation).