Development of biotechnology for enhanced utilization of raw sewage sludge and the construction of mobile anaerobic digester

Grant number: GEKON2/02/266405/7/2015
Funded by:

The National Centre for Research and Development

Project description:
The main objective of the project is: (i) to develop the technical and technological details of process of the accelerated utilization of sewage sludge from wastewater treatment plants using bioproducts and biosuplements that enhanced the rate and efficiency of anaerobic digestion and (ii) construction of a prototype of mobile anaerobic digester. The planned R&D studies include the development of the complete technological pathway leading from (i) screening phase (analysis of biodegradability of sewage sludge and selection of proper bioproduct), through (ii) the selection of optimum parameters of the process on a laboratory scale and experimental verification in pilot scale in wastewater treatment plants, to (iii) preparation of technical instructions necessary to start the production on an industrial scale.