Identification and characterization of Alphaproteobacteria phages

Grant number: 0090/IP1/2015/73
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Project description:
The aim of the project is to determine and characterize a pool of lysogenic and lytic phages (and prophage sequences) of Alphaproteobacteria. The project assumes identification of functional, inducible bacteriophages within a pool of Alphaproteobacteria from the available collection, as well as in silico defining of prophages present in various genomes of Alphaproteobacteria. It will be a starting point for more complex analyses in the area of structural, comparative and functional genomics, as well as phylogenetic and phylogenomic analyses, which may lead to the creation of models of evolutionary networks between particular phages of one taxonomic group of bacteria. Gained data enables classification of bacteriophages and defining their phylogenetic relations with other viruses. Such global approach may lead to identification of unknown groups of phages. As a result of the project a database of Alphaproteobacteria phages will be also created. Within this database information concerning functional phages, as well as prophage sequences will be included. This project has also some applied goals, since functional analysis of phages genetic modules may lead to identification of novel enzymes useful in biotechnology and molecular biology, e.g. lytic enzymes with antibacterial properties.