Development of the biofertilizers dedicated to the improvement of the biological quality of soil

Grant number: LIDER/13/0051/L-11/19/NCBR/2020
Funded by:

The National Centre for Research and Development

Project description:

The composition and activity of the soil microbiota play a key role both in the plants growth-promoting and assessing the remediation potential of contaminated soils. One of the ways to improve the condition of the soil microbiome is the appropriate fertilization of the soil. Current soil supplementation with nutrients seems to be still insufficient. For this reason, fertilizer products with a stimulating activity of soil microbiota activity are sought, which would have a positive effect on the condition of plants and the efficiency of bioremediation of contaminated soils. The main aim of the project is, therefore, the development of the low-input and environmentally friendly organic biocomponents – siderophores, stimulating the activity of the soil microbiota. The biocomponents will be elements improving the quality of currently available liquid fertilizers. In the frame of the project, the production of two independent biofertilizers is planned: the first will be dedicated to plant growth promotion, the second one, to increase the efficiency of bioremediation of contaminated soils. The proposed project involves the realization of 8 research stages, which includes both application and development tasks. The application tasks include (i) development of technology for low-cost production of siderophores, (ii) development of the final composition of biofertilizers, (iii) examination of their physical and chemical stability, and (iv) verification of their properties in the regeneration, vegetation and column tests. Development researches include (i) the production of the biocomponents in a continuous system, (ii) the construction of a laboratory prototype installation for biofertilizers production and (iii) market analysis (feasibility study) to prepare the product for the implementation. The final effect of the project will be the production of multifunctional biocomponents and biofertilizers, applicable in agriculture and in the environmental remediation industry.