The development of (bio)technology for the consolidation of heavy metals contaminated soils

Grant number: POIR.02.03.02-14-0141/19
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Project description:
This project concern the development of two-stage biotechnology for the purification and stabilization of heavy metals contaminated soil. At the first stage of the proposed biotechnology, microbiological extraction of heavy metals from contaminated soils will be carried out using extracellular bacterial metabolites in the form of siderophores. The second stage will consist of increasing the chemical stability of the soil remaining after heavy metal extraction with metabolites, which are products of the metabolism of urea degrading bacteria. The project is realized with the collaboration with ECO RGS company, which specializes in remediation and recultivation of degraded areas. The collaboration of ECO RGS company with the Faculty of Biology University of Warsaw is realized in the frame of the funding of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development in the frame of the “Innovation voucher” program.