The influence of soil bioaugumentation with arsenic oxidizing bacteria on the structure and activity of microorganisms in soil in the context of their interaction with metalophyts

Grant number: 2016/23/N/NZ9/01655
Funded by:

National Science Centre

Project description:

The main objectives of this project are: (i) to investigate the influence of soil bioaugmentation with arsenic oxidizing bacteria (AOB) on the growth, morphology of plants and arsenic bioaccumulation efficiency, (ii) to study the impact of AOB on changes in the structure and functionality of microbial community in soil, and (iii) to verify the influence of changes in microbial community structure and activity on the plant growth and phytoextraction efficiency. These investigations will be conducted on example of alfalfa (Medicago sativa) soil cultures, enriched with Sinorhizobium sp. M14 strain, containing conjugative and functional in Alpha-, Beta- and Gammaprotebacteria plasmid pSinA, harboring arsenic metabolism genes.

Characterization of the influence of soil enrichment with AOB on structure of the soil microorganisms community and arsenic phytoextraction efficiency may be a base for further applications in biotechnology and environmental pollution reduction. The acquired basic knowledge regarding possibilities as well as mechanisms of enhancement of arsenic phytoextraction can be useful to develop the low cost, efficient and environmental friendly methods dedicated for removal of arsenic form contaminated soil.