The development of a (bio)technology for waste management and recovery of water from effluents from hydrometallurgical processes

Grant number: TEAM TECH/2016-2/9
Funded by:

Foundation for Polish Science

Project description:

The aim of the project is to develop a novel (bio)technology for managing hydrometallurgical wastewaters, characterized by low pH, high iron and sulfate content. The technology will be based on the chemical neutralization process, microbial sulfate reduction, and subsequent heavy metal (bio)precipitation. As a result, three separate products will be obtained: (i) an iron-based sorbent of high applicability, (ii) metal sulfides, and (iii) water, which can be re-used in the technological pipeline. The basis of the (bio)technology has successfully passed the preliminary tests under laboratory conditions. In this project, the technology will be further developed and verified in a pilot scale, as a module supporting the recycling of zinc-carbon and alkaline batteries. The developed technology will significantly limit the production of hydrometallurgical wastewaters and provide new products. Thus, it will be beneficial to the companies from both economic and environmental point of view.